Basic Source for Super Star Trek

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 20:41:30 1999

>Richard A. Cini wrote:

> Does anyone have a copy of the Basic source for Super StarTrek? It's
> included in the book "BASIC Computer Games" by David H. Ahl (Creative
> Computing).
> I probably won't win the eOverPay auction, so I'm trying to search out a
> copy of the game, since AFAIK, it's the only program of interest in book
> anyway.

Jerome Fine replies:

You might want to look up the news group post in "comp.sys.dec.micro" on
Friday, 26 November 1999 at 15:55:00 GMT or 10:55:00 EST. It contains
a link to:
which under the link "Star Trek" is a link to:
which contains much more information.

I have 2 RT-11 files "SST.SAV" and "SST.DOC" dated 18-Dec-1978
which were from source written in FORTRAN IV (I should think).

I have a great deal of interest in attempting to find the exact source
and the version of FORTRAN and the libraries used to produce the
SST.SAV file that I have. Same sort of interest that you fellows who
want to put a PDP-11/45 back together just for the fun of it. Tom
Amy has sent me some source files (probably in C or FORTRAN)
which are close to what produced my SST.SAV. If anyone who
is looking into the various source files comes across RT-11 based
FORTRAN source, I would very much appreciate the lead so that
I can acquire the files as well.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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