Apple Adjustable Keyboard

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 23:29:22 1999

>Would you happen to still have that keyboard? I know I'm sending this almost
>a year after you posted your original message but I just figured I would ask.
> I happen to have one of those keyboards and it grew on me. I didn't care for
>it when I first bought it but I love it now. Unfortunately, its getting old
>now and many of the buttons are starting to not work anymore or double type.
>I have been trying to find a replacement for it but they are rather tough to
>find. I really dont care for the current straight keyboards now that I am
>used to the adjustable one its hard to go back. Not to mention that I tend to
>make many more typos with a straight keyboard since Im used to having it
>split all the time. Let me know, I would appriciate it. Thanks!

I know I have a couple, but it may take a few days to actually "find" it
among my growing computer house/warehouse ;) Remind me in a week if I
haven't emailed you back by then.

Cheers, Mike Ford
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