3100 SCSI and 1.07GB (was RE: VAXstation 3100 history)

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Dec 2 01:40:52 1999

--- "Zane H. Healy" <healyzh_at_aracnet.com> wrote:
> >I caught from a FAQ is that SCSI MicroVAXen don't like disks over 1.07Gb -
> >too many blocks to keep track of with a 21-bit pointer.

> Actually, that's not quite right. Plus I think the 3100/90 is likely to be
> new enough that this isn't a problem. Most 3100's can't have a boot disk
> that is over 1.07GB. The data disks can be over that.

I wasn't clear. Sorry. Yes, the *boot* device can't be over $1FFFFF blocks
long because of the limitation in the SCSI commands used by older firmware.
One reason pointed out in the FAQ is that the system dump *could* overwrite
the first couple of tracks if the disk is over 1.07Gb and conditions are

As has been pointed out, VAXstation 3100s are not upgradable; later MicroVAXen
are either upgradable or no upgrade is necessary.


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