VMS 4.7 was VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

From: Enrico Badella <enrico.badella_at_softstar.it>
Date: Thu Dec 2 02:39:00 1999

"Zane H. Healy" wrote:
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> you can't run DECwindows Motif. The OpenVMS Hobbyist PAKs are actually
> good for *ANY* version of VMS, however, the only version that's easy to
> obtain is V7.2 on CD-ROM.

Does anybody know where I could find a VMS 4.7 distribution tape? I have
a uVax II with a badly tailored 4.7. Would it be ok to create an image
of the boot TK50, zip it and ftp it over internet?

When I got the machine I wanted to install 7.2 and got a hobbyist PAK kit
for it, but after booting the CD from my RRD50 I stopped. I started thinking
I should keep it in the same configuration as it came from DEC (not though what
the previous sysadmin did).

On a philosophical side, what do you guys do, preserve both hardware
and original software or upgrade the software? On my 3100/M38 I took
out the original RZ24 with 5.?, put an old IBM disk and installed 7.2.


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