Anyone got PL/M compilers ??

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 09:49:13 1999

>There were several PL/M compilers when I last looked at the "unofficial CP/M
>Web Site" which has been moved/closed or something but the files from which
>are purportedly still out there somewhere. Perhaps someone can fill us in. is now the main site for the unofficial CP/M
web page. Indeed there is a PL/M compiler at it's the 8080 ISIS version packaged
with an ISIS emulator for MS-DOS that provides just enough functionality
to run the PL/M compiler. Intel had this available for download from
their web site (as well as a PL/M-51 compiler) for some time, but I
haven't looked recently to see if it's still there.

Roger Ivie
Received on Thu Dec 02 1999 - 09:49:13 GMT

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