VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

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Date: Thu Dec 2 14:17:27 1999

> Definitely not for the boot disk. The most basic VMS kit (that is,
> without help pages, without libraries, certainly no DECWindows!) for VMS
> 6.1 won't fit in the 25 Mbytes available in a RC25.

The last version that would fit on that had to be before V5!

> >I suspect it was a question of RAM. Looking at the configurations for the
> >11/725 and 11/730 it looks as if the 11/730 would hold at least a couple
> >more MB.
> Officially the 730 only holds 5 Mbytes. I don't know if there's any
> way of extending this.

The minimum ram required for VMS went from 1mb to 4mb(as of V5.4) over the
years. The 730 could take more ram, there were third party board for 8
and 16mb if memory serves. I've seen more than a few with 6mb of DEC ram.
> how to do this, and the last version of VMS to officially support the
> 725 with RC25 knows how to do this, but I don't know if they included
> support for this in the more modern versions of VMS.

As of V5.5-4 it did.

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