HP Apollo Series 400

From: Phil Clayton / Computer Automation <philclayton_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Thu Dec 2 17:12:17 1999

Today I found several HP Apollo Series 400 Computers headed for the
These were used as I think some sort of Servers for a medical facility.
There were 20 or 30 of them I only took 5..
Opened them up and they each have a SCSI hard drive and I think 32MB RAM,
However they have no Floppy drive, ISA or PCI slots in them..
They support 3 serial ports, Parallel Port, SCSI Port, Kybd, Standard
Network Interfaces, and Audio In and Audio Out.. They have a place for a
second SCSI drive also in them.
The Processor looks to be a Motorola 68040 I think..
I hooked up my VGA monitor and powered up , but it appears to be out of
sync, or a non-standard VGA out put. I could see part of a color screen, but
the screen seemed out of sync and not really readable.

Does anyone know what these are ?,
And other than parts are they worth anything.?
Can I do anything usefull with them.. ?


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