Whats the screwiest thing you collect?

From: Will Jennings <xds_sigma7_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Dec 2 19:27:38 1999

Well I suppose I will add my odd collections to the list:
First off, old computers, naturally.
I also collect stamps, with a particular emphasis on revenue stamps
I collect old documents with revenue stamps on them. This is why I have
around 40 or so 1860's mortgages, all of them have revenue stamps on them.
Along the same lines, I have an 1885 license to sell manufactured tobacco.
I also collect various mediums for recording sound. I have a CD player,
cassette deck, several turntables, a Rio, multiple reel to reel tape players
(one of which is run by vacuum tubes), and a few 8 track decks. No wax
cylinder player yet, unfortunately.
I also have, as my secondary refridgerator, a 1952 westinghouse frostfree
refridgerator, which still works great. I've started collecting vacuum tubes
as well. I also collect classic cars, to which end I have a 1967 Plymouth
Barracuda and a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S. I also would like to get a couple
of old tractors at some point. I also have a whole bunch of random car parts
which don't go to any car I have ever owned (my honeywell lineprinter is
sitting on a stack of Corvair rims in my garage). I'm sure I collect other
weird stuff, but thats all I can think of currently.. oh wait, coins also.

Will J

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