Whats the screwiest thing you collect?

From: Philip.Belben_at_pgen.com <(Philip.Belben_at_pgen.com)>
Date: Fri Dec 3 05:41:49 1999

> I also collect various mediums for recording sound. I have a CD player,
> cassette deck, several turntables, a Rio, multiple reel to reel tape players
> (one of which is run by vacuum tubes), and a few 8 track decks. No wax
> cylinder player yet, unfortunately.

Darn! How could I forget. I collect LPs (long playing records). I also
collect 78 rpm records, which I play on a wind-up gramophone, but I don't
collect many, because I seldom find any with music that I like (= mostly 20th
century classical, FWIW [**]). I also collect CDs, but only if I can't get the
recording on LP.

I have some 8-track tapes, but I passed up the only player I ever saw and have
regretted it ever since... (it was at a car boot sale and I had already bought
as much as I could carry home. I hadn't brought the car)

> I also have, as my secondary refridgerator, a 1952 westinghouse frostfree
> refridgerator, which still works great. I've started collecting vacuum tubes

Nice. It's not long since my parents got rid of the huge LEC refrigerator that
they acquired secondhand in 1973 [*]. Nice beast, but the door latch was broken
and would have needed a custom casting to repair. We held it shut with bungee
straps for years. Can't remember what finally killed it. Goodness knows what
date it was, but I'd guess 1950s.


[*] Bought a house that had been a shop. The fridge had been installed in the
shop, and was left in the house by the previous owners.

[**] Top of my wish list: Did Bartok ever make a recording of his first or
      second piano concertos?

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