Everyone here should read this.. I thought I'd seen everything.

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Date: Fri Dec 3 08:29:09 1999

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To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 10:15 AM
Subject: Re: Everyone here should read this.. I thought I'd seen everything.

>Flay somebody? We all knew these gold processing plants existed,
>right? I'd never heard a tale of the scope, though. Even still,
>it's clear this factory has volume. There's not enough classic
>computer collectors in the world to rescue all those machines.
>We can wish there was a better mechanism for us to be able to
>cherry-pick the make and model we dream of, but the fact is,
>John B. just took a tour of a very large, very efficient,
>and apparently profitable Dumpster.

I just hope I can pull aside as many good minis from the '60s as I can. This
company does not stop cutting for anything. I had no idea so many IBM 30
series? systems get chopped up every week. The 1130 and the 8 bit front
panel computer did break my heart but it's just gold to them. Hopefully this
exercise wil yield some good parts and systems needed. He does get in quite
a bit of documentation with the systems and I will be taking as much of that
as I can. He has a *huge* DEC load coming in next Wednesday so I will be
there on Thursday. I have scrapped quite a few systems my self (and thought
that was bad) but seeing what his site does in one day made me sick.

Will keep everyone updated.


>- John
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