VAXstation vs MicroVAX (was Re: dammit...)

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Date: Fri Dec 3 10:16:57 1999

> Isn't it 4Mb, 6Mb, 12Mb and 14Mb? I have a 4Mb add-in card and one that is
> half-full, but no 12Mb add-in cards. :-(

Those I have report those amounts of ram. The 8meg is a 6meg card with
the base ram. I was lucky to find them as VS2000 with lots of ram is
noticeably faster.

> Indeed. I know that when I looked at expanding my MV2000s, buying a ram card
> from a reseller was always more expensive than the CPU itself.

Scrounge. One of mine came as a dead box, good ram.

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