VAX Emulator?? and VMS 3?

From: Seth <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 13:31:41 1999

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999 wrote:

> When I was just starting out, I was an operator of about 4 vaxen with VMS
> 3.somthing (I even wrote my own command history facility in DCL!) Would be
> nice to be able to play with that stuff again.. Anybody know of a VAX
> emulator for IBM machines? Is there a legal way to get VMS for running on the
> emulator?

There are two "academic" VAX emulators around, but neither of them
emulates a full VAX environment. As far as I know, neither is yet
capable of booting VMS. The one that's available for Windows is called
"eVax", and can be found here:

There's also a Macintosh VAX simulator called (appropriately) MacVAX:

But this one seems to be even less useful.

My advice would be to look for a MicroVAX or VAXstation 3100. They can
often be had for very little money, if not free, and provide more
than enough horsepower for VAX and VMS tinkering. The 3100 came
in various flavors (the most redily available seems to be the 3100
model 30), and all of them can use SCSI disks and CD-ROMs. You can
use a standard SCSI CD-ROM (most of them) to install VMS, and they'll
run everything from VMS 5.5 through VMS 7.2. You can obtain a legal
license for VMS and all sorts of layered products by joining DECUS
(for free) and going to and filling
out a license request form. They also sell OpenVMS hobbyist CD-ROMs
containing OpenVMS 7.2. If you'd like an older copy of VMS, I can make
a CD-ROM for you (I have both the older, no-longer-produced hobbyist
CD-ROM and the new one. The old CD-ROM had VMS 5.5 through VMS 6.0).

Yes, I'm a VAX bigot :)

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