Processor Technology S100 memory boards

From: Bob Stek <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 14:04:53 1999

I have the 16KRA manual handy, but it is about 90 pages long. It has
schematics, theory of operation, diagnostic test, etc. If you want a copy
for about $10 let me know. Meanwhile, perhaps this will help:

        a15 a14 a13 a12 a15 a14 a13 a12
sw1-8 o o o o o o o o sw1-1
                   page 1 page 2

sw2-8 o o o o o o o o sw2-1
                   page 3 page 4

starting address a15 a14 a13 a12 x=open, off, down
                                                                c=closed, on, up
        0000 x x x x
        1000 x x x c
        2000 x x c x
        3000 x x c c
        4000 x c x x
        5000 x c x c
        6000 x c c x
        7000 x c c c
        8000 c x x x
        9000 c x x c
        A000 c x c x
        B000 c x c c
        C000 c c x x
        D000 c c x c
        E000 c c c x
        F000 c c c c

I have a 32KRA manual around here too. Just can't find it right now.

And, BTW, "Processor Technology also provides factory repair service on out
of warranty products....charges will not exceed $20 without prior
notification and your approval." <G>

Bob Stek
Saver of Lost SOLs

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Subject: Processor Technology S100 memory boards

I'm looking for manuals for Processor Technology 16KRA and 32KRA
S100 memory boards.

I've a SOL-20 with 1 of each, and the 16KRA has a bad 4k block so I'm
trying to (1) figure out how to reconfig the cards so the bad memory is
at the end instead of the middle, and/or (2) figure out how to fix the
bad card.

Anyone able to xerox their manual(s) for me?

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