Processor Technology S100 memory boards

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Date: Fri Dec 3 14:45:10 1999

> These 16K boards use 2147's don't they? Does your diagnostic (whatever it

Likely it uses 2114s (1kx4).

> is) tell you which bit is failing? If it can't read the bits, perhaps it's
> a (1) a failed decoder or (2) it's a failed data bus buffer, or (3) it's a
> roached address buffer. The only apparent alternative would be a failed
> RAM. It does smack of a failed on-board decoder, however, since only the
> one 4K block is failing. If you can't read/write even a single bit in that
> 4K block of RAM, it's undoubedly a buffer or a decoder. If only one bit
> fails, it's probably not a decoder, but then the RAM itself is suspect.

I don't ahve prints for those but memory says it's one of those that
allows block DESELECTs via switches or jumpers. That means the ram could
be good just not enabled.

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