Solder Problems (PDP-8/m related)

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 17:23:11 1999

At 11:47 AM 12/3/99 +0000, Philip wrote:
>> You're right. I meant to add that the solder that I'm using is a very
>> low temperature solder with silver in it. 500 or 600 degrees would be too
>> cold for standard solder. I love this silver stuff, it expensive but it
>> flows beautifully. Most of the stuff that I work on is tiny so a one ounce
>> roll will last for a couple of years.
>Eh? Silver solder is certainly very nice, flows well, bonds to a lot of
>etc., but isn't it usually _higher_ melting point? Conventional solder
melts at
>around 450 F, I think. (Anyone have the exact figure?), silver solder
>at 600.

   I don't know what the exact MP of this stuff is but my iron (Weller EC
3000) is set to less than 600d and it melts and flows well at that
temperature. I don't know if the temperature control is accurate or not
though. This is 2% silver. I know that the MP goes up with the higher
silver content. You have to use a blow torch on the silver solder that
they use for air conditioning work. I'll check and see if Kester has a
website and lists the specs for this stuff.

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