Solder Problems (PDP-8/m related)

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Date: Fri Dec 3 15:38:28 1999

>> Another warning. There's a stuff called 'silver solder' used by
>> engineers. This is _NOT_ the same stuff at all -- it's high melting point
>> (you can use it on small steam engine boilers, etc). I'm not sure it even
>> contains silver.
>Yes, it does, and it is applied with a torch and water soluble flux.

I'm not sure exactly what Tony is talking about, but it is indeed true
that in some contexts (musical instrument repair, in particular) "silver
soldering" refers to brazing with a bronze alloy - there's no actual silver
involved at all.

"Silver soldering" can refer to a half-dozen other processes, as well...
(most of them admittedly involving at least some silver!)

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