Solder Problems (PDP-8/m related)

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 16:57:22 1999

On Dec 3, 18:45, Tony Duell wrote:

> That silver-loaded solder is great stuff. I have a reel that I use for
> SMD work and for repairs on Tektronix 500 series (which use silver-plated
> ceramic terminal strips). It was expensive, but it lasts a _long_ time.
> Another warning. There's a stuff called 'silver solder' used by
> engineers. This is _NOT_ the same stuff at all -- it's high melting point
> (you can use it on small steam engine boilers, etc). I'm not sure it even
> contains silver.

Oh yes it does :-) "silver-loaded" solder only contains tiny amounts of
silver (about 2%) but "silver solder" usually contains more silver than any
other constituent. EasyFlo is 60% silver, and most are between 30% and 65%
silver. The cadmium-free versions contain more than most: Ag19 is 85%
silver, 15% manganese. So the book says, anyway, I've never felt the need
to put anything that expensive in a blowtorch flame :-)

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