IBM 730T $50?

From: John Allain <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 17:06:13 1999

730T = 4MB Memory 80486(sx?) typically,
Can run Win 3.11 easily but requires either/or:
   A Keyboard adaptor (is in the suitcase)
   A PCMCIA disk with "Windows for Pen Computing"
on it.

It almost apprears that "Windows for Pen Computing" has been
withdrawn --with extreme prejudice-- after WinCE came out.
I have not been able to find a copy since starting to look
for it 6 months ago.

Nice sturdy small machine.
730T's are Much easier to find than the Software.

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One of the salvage places has a stack of these 'tablet' computers. Each is
in a nice looking medium sized briefcase/suitcase that is made to hold a
battery, printer, and the unit itself plus manuals and doodads. I don't
know if they are new or used, they look nice and seem complete with all
mentioned items. The IBM model is thinkpad 730T (I think) and they want $50
a pop for them. The company is Recomp in Santa Ana Cal, and I may not see
them again for a month or more, and they don't ship AFAIK. (which is why I
hesitated to mention them earlier, but what the heck).
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