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Date: Fri Dec 3 21:20:47 1999

Upon the date 12:26 AM 12/3/99 +0000, Joe said something like:
>At 08:21 PM 12/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>>>FWIW: If he's under an "assured destruct" contract, and you're buying from
>>>>then you both can be in a lot of hot water if the wrong people find out.
>>>OTHOH I have gotten things that were scrapped under "assured destruct"
>>>contracts because the definition of "destruct" is "cannot be reconstituted
>>>to work in the original application."
> That's essentually what the DOD requires now. I think their wording is
>that it "can't be used for it's intended purpose." But many scrappers are
>absoulutely forbidden to sell ANY circuit cards one some contacts no matter
>who made it or what it's for. I know one scrapper that is also forbidden
>to sell ANY intact components, even resistors and the like.

Many of us who are collectors or users of military radios have seen the
available gear on the market virtually dry up because of such policies
promulgated by Congress. Their fear is that terrorists could use them
against us. An 80+ pound, 1950's technology communications receiver used by
terrorists against us? Hmmm, must be afraid of terrorists dropping one on
their heads :-) Much discussion had been flowing on this subject on the
military radio collectors, R390 and boatanchors lists over the past year or
so. Some changes have been made such as removing the militarized versions
of Kenwood-brand tranceivers from scrap lists at the DRMO level, but not
most of the other old radios which hams, collectors and shortwave listeners
could well use.

Supercomputers, OTOH, are definitely lusted after by Iraq, Iran and several
other "enemies" of the US plus Russia and China and I guess we can
understand an assured destruct contract on those. Wish there was a clearing
house to get those machines and associated operational support to North
American or other Western Universities for research use instead of
scrapping them.

Regards, Chris
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