uVaxen & Fixing Basic Proggies

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyndns.org>
Date: Sat Dec 4 11:01:44 1999

> 2) Is there a hobbyist licen[sc]e of older versions of Ultrix in case he
> can't find me any OS media, or is it the consensus here of "why the #&^_at_^(

Well the view is more of the VMS is better among Vax fanatics, but
there's a $100 license from SCO for old Unix sources and that get
you access to the Unix Preservation Society's archives of
Berkeley Unix... or you can run the current version of NetBSD on most
Microvax systems.
> do you want to run that Unix crap anyway when VMS is better/more fun/etc.?"

> 3) Can *all* Vaxen run with a serial terminal (just in case this one
> doesn't come with a framebuffer / compat. monitor... I have to Lear-Siegler

It'll work fine. I'm going to use a serial line from a PC with
a vt100 emulator (kermit is the best one for VT100) or just a VT100
from my garage on the Vaxstation.

VT100 emulation's nice for the screen editor but ADM3A's will even work.
Vax consoles (IMHO) should probably be LA120's if you have em.

> Thanks & Cheers,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger

      Three things never anger: First, the one who runs your DEC,
      The one who does Field Service and the one who signs your check.
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