Sol 20, Morrow Micro Decision Quantum 2080 & more

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Date: Sat Dec 4 19:03:38 1999

Dear list members:

I know you are going to hate me for this but circumstances force me to
maximize my income.

I have listed my last Processor Technologies Saul 20 on ebay. I know many of
you were interested. I have also listed a Morrow Micro Decision and a Quantum
2080 8 inch MFM hard drive that can be used with many older systems.

My last Quantum sold for $20. Not everything goes for big bucks.

My ebay name is innfosale. Please note the two Ns in the name.

This URL should bring up my list:

For those that are interested, you might bookmark the list. I will be selling
more classic computers, S100 and DEC cards, drives, HP, in the future. If you
notice I rarely use reserve bids, preferring to let the market set the price.
I am good at finding equipment.

Many thanks to all for the stories and help on the list. I love reading it
even when I've been gone two weeks and come back to 1000 messages.

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