Everyone here should read this.. I thought I'd seen everything.

From: Owen Robertson <mrdos_at_swbell.net>
Date: Sun Dec 5 00:04:45 1999

I actually thought of that once, but thought I was about the only one who
would take it seriously. It's really not a bad idea, and I'm sure our fellow
collectors would go for it. We really need an organization to preserve old
computers. I go to scrap yards and see classic machines ripped apart all the
time. Computers are a big part of everyone's lives now, and just like
anything else that changes our society that much, (the printing press, for
example) they need to protected. I hoped someone else would have the same
idea I did. I really think it is a great idea, worth considering, at the

>Well, maybe we should start a National Computer Preservation Historical
>Society, and then once we have a couple hundred members (should take all
>of 1 hour...) then we start sending letters to our representatives asking
>them to write a bill similar to whatever empowers the people that preserve
>historical buildings and landmarks.
>Of course, real influence comes with a historical society that has been in
>existance for many years, but of course you have to start sometime ;)
>-Lawrence LeMay
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