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From: Andrew Davie <adavie_at_mad.scientist.com>
Date: Sun Dec 5 07:00:28 1999

Hi everyone

As some on the list may know, I'm mad-keen on Russian calculating devices.
I've pretty much concentrated on calculators (please see my award-winning
site listed in my .sig), but my many agents occasionally offer computers,
too. Typically I don't buy (computers are not my main line of interest) -
but in this case I'm scouting around for a buyer. The reason: read on.

One of the rarest Russian calculators is the MK-47. It's a magnetic card
reading machine - so the rumour goes. None have been seen in captivity.
Some 6 months back, one of my agents (from whom I've previously purchased
several rare machines) told me that he had an MK-47 for me. I was quite
excited. More correctly, his grandmother had found one, and she was to
bring it to him the next day. So, I waited for news. And waited. And

About a month later, a short email from my agent (Alex) tells me that he has
been in hospital, and will be there for the next few weeks. And
furthermore, he hasn't seen the calculator yet because his grandmother is
ill and in (another) hospital, too. Of course I told him to forget about
the machine for now, and get well ASAP.

Around this time my personal life was thrown into turmoil when my (5yo)
daughter became gravely ill and spent several days in hospital
(complications of chicken pox, and drinking skin lotion, for the curious).
So, I wasn't particularly thinking about calculators, either.

Anyway, a few weeks pass, and I get news from Alex's father (Alex is still
in hospital) that Alex's grandmother's house has burned to the ground. You
can guess where the calculator was. Still, this is about a house, and
that's tragic. A calculator is just an old machine. At this stage, I was
beginning to think the machine was jinxed anyway.

Alex contacted me later (through his father) to tell me that the fire which
burned down his grandmoter's house STARTED in the house of the man who gave
her the MK-47 calculator in the first place. Spooky.

A few days later, Alex's MOTHER contacted me with the sad news that Alex's
grandmother had died, and that Alex's father had had a heart attack when he
found out. So, Alex is in hospital, Alex's father is in hospital, and
Alex's grandmother has died.

Here we are, a few weeks after that. Today Alex told me he is out of
hospital. His father is still in hospital, but in less-serious condition.
And Alex is on the prowl again (for calculators and computers). As you
might understand (if you've stuck with me so far), things have been
incredibly stressful for his family - and more to the point - incredibly
expensive. Alex needs some extra funds to pay for the medical costs, and
here's where I come in.

As I said, I've done trades with Alex before, and found him not only
reliable, friendly and honest - but incredibly good at finding rare and
unusual things. Right now, however, Alex has a few vintage soviet home
computers for sale. I've told him about you guys [collectors], and he's
asked me to contact you on his behalf.

Could anybody interested in exploring the purchase of soviet computers from
Alex please contact me by direct email (adavie_at_mad.scientist.com). I have
some pictures and details of machines that he has - and will be happy to act
as an intermediary - or put you directly in contact with Alex. I have done
many, many transactions to Russia, so can offer advice and suggestions
regarding transfer of money and computers.

OK, that's about all I have to write. This is probably the best opportunity
many on the list will get to obtain some interesting machines. And
remember, Alex is a champion at finding unusual/rare stuff.


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