Adopt a scrapper and paper tape punches.

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Date: Sun Dec 5 08:38:56 1999

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Date: Sunday, December 05, 1999 3:28 AM
Subject: Adopt a scrapper and paper tape punches.

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>> would take it seriously. It's really not a bad idea, and I'm sure our
>> collectors would go for it. We really need an organization to preserve
>> computers. I go to scrap yards and see classic machines ripped apart all
>> ti
>While I like the idea of an organization to preserve old computers I
>there are already several. This list actually works well for rescues.
>The biggest problem is that the scrappers are rarely computer literate. If
>they are they are already selling on ebay and the Internet. Most scrappers

Some might have kept core memory and stuff like that but for the most part
these guys don't have time to play on EBay.. The volume is so high they
can't afford the time. Gold content (and other metals) are high so all they
have to do is keep stripping the stuff down.

>are metals oriented. Even if they are recyclers the bottom line is the
>of the metals. Volume is the problem, you must scrap or get buried in it.
>The best answer is to make friends with a scrapper. Anyone who will pay
>the scrap value consistently will be a welcome customer. In the long run

Scrap value to a gold reclaimer is *alot*more than you think. The place I
visited routinely offers $8-10K for IBM 30 series. (water cooled CPU)... As
a lot of the older minis have less gold I can get them for a lor less. If an
IBM 360 comes up be prepared that there is a lot of gold in that machine and
it will cost a lot of money. Don't forget, they won't accept "scrap price",
they will want "raw materials" price... and for some large super
computers/large mainframes that can be quite expensive.

>may get systems set aside for you to look at. Ask for particular brands or
>items but don't become a pest. They need to know what you are looking for.

They don't care. The don't understand the stuff. They just know IBM1130 =
pay $4K as scrap, get $7 in raw materials back.

>Check on a regular basis. Don't ask them to call you unless you are willing
>to offer significant money. They are busy and you are not a major part of
>their business.

They won't call. (maybe smaller ones might). The guy I just visited was soo
busy I had to wait in line to ask simple questions.

>I bet there are enough people on the list to cover the major scrappers in
>each city. If each person adopted one we could flood this list with
>equipment. And probably dump enough on ebay to depress prices.


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers

>I am adopting one here in Portland. And that brings up paper tape punches.
>has a REMEX paper tape punch and reader set. It is shrink wrapped on a
>and I have not had a chance to look at it yet. He wants $250 but may be
>to offers. He sells a lot of stuff to Western Numerical Controls. They are
>old and extremely heavy, I would say late 70s but that is a guess. If
>is interested please email me off the list.
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