V4.7 and VMS vs MicroVMS

From: Nick Oliviero <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Sun Dec 5 11:29:50 1999

I was going thru some drives and tapes yesterday while trying to
resurrect my MVII and came across a v4.7 distribution I din't know I
had. This leads me to ask, one, if the person looking for same a few
days back (Enrico?) found one. And a second, stupid question. Stupid
because most of you probably know the answer. But as a PDP11 type
relatively new to the VAXworld I'd like to know what is the
difference/Is there a difference between VMS, MicroVMS? The tape I found
is labeled MicroVMS v4.7 bin.

Both of my Qbus machines are down right now so I cant verify this tape.
If there is still the need for this maybe someone in the Houston area on
list can check it out.

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