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>> >Can you list negative feedback for a person even if you had no dealings
>> >with them???
>No you can't anymore. If you detect or suspect fraud then anyone can report
>that to Safe Harbor, the customer service department. I have done that, and
>like keeping up with spares, if you have a good reason for suspicions you
>should report it.
>The old adage still holds, "If it is too good to be true then it generally
>isn't." Some frauds are easy to detect.
>The "IBM MF' guy is just stupid. I bet his item gets no bids. Stupid people
>don't deserve a response.
>The DEC card in France. I don't think I would send cash up front to him.
>However he could just be a low budget person, this may be just fine. Scrap
>value on that card is about $8.00 in todays market.

David Winter (the guy in France) has bid on some of my items and always paid
quickly. He seems to collect boards but does not buy entire systems.

>I don't think any IBM 1130 is worth more than a couple of hundred in scrap
>the way. I suspect less than that.

Then I guess the scrappers will be outbidding you..... The larger 1960 mini
computers had a lot more gold in them than the '70s models as the gold was
plated thicker in the '60s. The 1130 (from what I can remember) has more
than $100US in aluminum in it (just cpu + printer). I don't know what the
gold content is.. (I'll find out.. I know a company that does).. BTW I just
lost an IBM 360 to a gold scrapper [bid more than me]. Some of the metal
scrappers I know never bothered to look at gold content.. what's scaring the
hell out of me are these guys that know to the penny what they can extract
out of it and generally bid a lot higher than most.


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers


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