Adding 4116 to memory board was This guy needs a *LART*... :-/

From: Nick Oliviero <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 14:02:18 1999

Tony Duell wrote:

> I've not had too many problems using turned-pin sockets. Of course these
> _are_ my machines, and I know to be careful. On the other hand, DEC put
> that grant priority plug-module on many Unibus boards, and that's taller
> than an IC in a socket. And yes, they do get flipped out sometimes...

I recall another problem, someone had installed a socket in repairing a bipolar memory
array. We started to experience sporadic memory errors. Now in our
application,PDP11/45s running a flight simulator, some of the more performance-hungry
flights routines are mapped to the speedy bipolar region. When the board was swapped
around to a less 'intensive' area the problem went away. Someone eventually found a
warning in one of the DEC manuals advising that using sockets might result in performance
degradation. I don't believe this would be a problem with non-fastbus memory.

> The worst thing is that sometimes DIP switches get flipped when boards
> are inserted or removed. This one causes some _very_ hard-to-trace

Yes, we had similar experiences on fastbus mem arrays with that DIPack in the upper right

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