AOL members 2nd class citizens? (was Re: This guy needs a *LART*... :-/)

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 15:36:46 1999

On Sun, 05 Dec 1999, wrote:
>> Umm, just out of curiosity, why do you consider an AOL address "unhelpful?"
>> Glen Goodwin
>> 0/0
>well, its a very old and popular stereotype that aolosers are very new to
>computers and dont have a clue as to what the big picture is.

  A sweeping generalization, to be sure. Like other stereotypes, this one may
or may not be based in fact...and if it is, there are likely a large number of
exceptions to it.

  I hope none of the AOLers here take it personally. In the short time I've
been on this list, I've found that EVERYONE here contributes in a positive way
at one time or another...regardless of what their email address looks like.

                          -Dave McGuire
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