Adopt a scrapper and paper tape punches.

From: Megan <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 19:08:24 1999

>The best answer is to make friends with a scrapper. Anyone who will pay
>twice the scrap value consistently will be a welcome customer. In the
>long run you may get systems set aside for you to look at. Ask for
>particular brands or items but don't become a pest. They need to know
>what you are looking for. Check on a regular basis. Don't ask them to
>call you unless you are willing to offer significant money. They are busy
>and you are not a major part of their business.

I like the idea... my only question is, Where does one find such a
scrapper? Is it as simple as checking the Yellow Pages under Scrapper
or metal recovery? How do you know they deal with computers without
calling? I'd hate to get off to a bad start with one...

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