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From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 13:10:13 1999

I really have to rave about this place:

  Quickware Engineering & Design, 225 Riverview Ave, Newton, MA, 02466-1358
  W: 617-964-5900, FAX: 617-964-5951 800-237-1185 for fast PDP-11's.

The guy I saw apparently has been a DEC HW wiz since High school. The
is medium large, room for perhaps 30 employees and. . .
They are LOADED with DEC equipment.
I saw so much that I sort of started blanking out, but here's what I

 Something like ten or twenty complete 11/XX based systems.
 The 11/60 made it to someoone in Florida.
 RA?-81's: many, RD-54's: six or more, other disks: dozens.
 LA120's: two? VT-2X & 3X: maybe 5.
 A Tektronix 4010.
 Total racks with things in them: maybe 8 in one room and 6 each in two
  other rooms.

I really think if you are within three or four hours from this place that
you should plan to visit.

The sad part of the story is that its "time indefinite" as to when they'll
just call the scrappers. Don't miss your chance. I don't have stock in the
place, I'm just amazed to see 1975-1988 era equipment clean and running.

John A.
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