From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 14:08:54 1999

> Also, I might be able to get some old HP documentation. 9000 series 200/300
> if i recall (and primarily for 200). These are the old HP's with 5.25"
> floppy drives that we had back in the early 80's in the computer science
> department. The problem is, there is a lot of this HP doc, but its all
> in the sub-basement, and its rather difficult to justify getting a key
> to gain access to the sub-basement. There is a chance I will get getting the
> key once more, because we're trying to have a new phone line pulled through
> conduit down there.

It appears that the HP documentation is for HP 9000 series 300, HP-UX
version 5.2 and some contain the installation tape for updating (which
it says can also be used as an installation tape). The manuals are
the systems administration manuals, a bunch of starbase graphics manuals,
text editing manuals, etc.

No languages so far.

-Lawrence LeMay
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