Tube experts! - I T WORKS!

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 15:26:18 1999

>> >Is it just me, or is this as distasteful as scrapping classic computers
>> >for gold? Old 'scopes have a perfectly good use already -- to display
>> >waveforms
>> I have a Dumont 304a I tried to get $10 for without success. Pulling the
>> tubes will increase the value nicely. Its just like the 1130, if nobody is
>> willing to pay some premium over the value of the gold, then nobody wants
>> it very much.
>Hmm... This really distinguishes people who care about profit from
>hobbyists like myself who don't.

I used the Dumont and its lost brother for a decade or so, stored it for
more than a decade in a clean dry place, moved it from there to my garage
where I now step over every day. I suggests one doesn't know their true
moral position until faced with a boundary, ie the storage space is FULL,
something must go so that others may enter.

This scope must go, whether it goes intact or in pieces, is not an ethical
delemma. Its point in history is well preserved, and its practicality as a
scope very limited.

The Friden 8710 postal scale must go, most likely as aluminum.

My garage is a halfway house, not a retirement village.
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