DEC LA-180 and PDP8e/LC8-E

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 16:00:53 1999

--- Eric Smith <> wrote:
> > I recently got my hands on a classic DEC LA-180 RO...

I didn't know the LA180 ever came with a keyboard. My knowledge of the LA180
is that it was badged "DECprinter I" and came with a 40-pin parallel interface.

> You need a KL8-E or the like, not an LC8-E. The LC8-E is a parallel
> interface, and the LA180 is a serial device.

I have the OMNIBUS card for the LA180; I'd check the handle number, but I'm
not where it is. It is most assuredly a parallel device. Perhaps you are
thinking of the LA120? It was badged "DECwriter III". It _was_ serial, with
a four-digit LED display by the keyboard for set-up and status info.

I got my first LA180 because Newman Computer Exchange sent me a ticket for
free shipping on my next order. I figured that an LA180 was the heaviest
thing I would ever want from them. The printer came in handy a couple of
years later when I was doing PDP-11 contract work in my basement - PDP-11/23,
RLV11, LPV11 and a bunch of my old PDP-8 peripherals. Made my living for
nearly two years off that stuff. Out-of-pocket expense in 1988: $300 for
the PDP-11 (salvage from my day job), $100 for the RLV11 (used from a
Very cost effective to me.


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