Any GRID experts out there?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 17:05:53 1999

Rumor has it that Arfon Gryffydd may have mentioned these words:
>Tandy would be a better source for the information than GRiD since the GRiD
>company is barely related to the old company.
>But, I tried Tandy also... No luck.

Yea, BFS... (Big Friggin' Suprise ;-)

AFAIR, the guy with the biggest brain re: GRiD's would be Uncle Roger
[Roger Louis Sinasohn] - He was (is?) on this list - haven't seen a post
from him in quite a while...

<kinda shameless plug>

He is still (I checked the sublists) on my Model 100/102/200 list, but I've
not seen a post from him since early Sept. If you wish, you have my
permission to ask your GRiD question there (I don't go nuts over off-topic
stuff if it doesn't swamp the list w/info no-one else is interested in - so
please put an OT: in the subject and ask for off-list replies unless you
get a couple "Me-Too's". _If enough folks are interested in the OT stuff_ I
don't have heartburn with replies to the list. As always, common sense is a
Good Thing (TM) here...)

It's open to outside posters, if you don't want to sub to the list, please
mention that off-list replies are a must for you to see any responses. The
address is, to sub send a blank mail to and reply to the confirmation msg.

</kinda shameless plug>

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