Scrap value of machines (was Re: ebay feedback)

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Date: Mon Dec 6 17:14:17 1999

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Subject: Re: Scrap value of machines (was Re: ebay feedback)

>It's pretty obvious, then, isn't it, that the place to be is on their side
>rather than bidding against them? Even if you have to pay a little more or

I wish that would work but *most* of them don't care if you are going to put
down a few thousand on a mini. (notice the few thousand now)... They deal in
volume and don't care what you are looking for.. well, at least the big

>work a little more, it's better to be in a position to call the guy up on a
>free morning and ask whether he's got anything new that you'd like to look
>at, isn't it?

This works with smaller scrappers but they rare;y get the juicy stuff. I
like a scrapper that goes into an old factory and levels it. The big
scrappers get cool toys all the time.

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>Subject: Re: Scrap value of machines (was Re: ebay feedback)
>>Upon the date 12:58 AM 12/6/99 -0800, Mike Ford said something like:
>>>>Where can you find out what the gold/aluminum/steel value of a
>>>>computer at? The obvious solution is to know what a scrapper is
>>>>willing to pay, and add $10 to your bid. A scrapper will never
>>>>spend more to buy something than it is worth, a collector will.
>>>Not a good assumption. A scrapper might be willing to spend whatever it
>>>took to make you never get a winning bid and just go away.
>>Yes, an appropriate correlation is that if they can crush computers
>>shredding the carcass) then they can cru$h you.
>>Their profits drop corresponding with losses of bids so they're going to
>>spend extra in the short term to protect their profits in the long term.
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