Intel Intellec 8 computer?????

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 20:58:04 1999

<> Prompt48, small box with keypad two sockets and display. It could progra
<> 8748, and do a passable in circuit emulation using the romless part.
<Yep, that was the name. They had Prompt series for most
<of the single chip controllers and I think they had them
<for the 8085 but I don't recall if the 8086 had one.

Nope 8080, 8085, 8086 they had the SDK-8x. The SDKs were minimal systems
with rom, keypad and display and a breadboard area. The difference between
them and the PROMPT-48 was the PROMPT was in the Intel Blue case where the
SDKs were bare board kits. Of all my SBCs I have no SDKs even though I've
built several of each!

I was that the other house from '79 through 83 (NEC) as product enigneer
for micros.

< By the way, I have a Prompt2920. I'm still looking
<for any i2920 parts if anyone out there has one
<( not to be confused with 2900 bit slice parts ).

Ah, the signal processor chips. Likely the only one you'll find is the 2910
(I think was the number) uLAW codec.

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