Gold price was: Re: ebay feedback

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 23:24:59 1999

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Will Jennings wrote:

> Damn, maybe I shouldn't be tossing crud like that busted VR290 in the
> dumpster... All of those 14" monitors are worth 3 to 5 bucks? Heck, I've
> probably tossed 20+ of them this year... As I write this the dumpster by my
> work contains 2 dead terminals, a dead VR290, and Dell guts.. the MicroVAX
> 3100 may, unfortunately, be joining them soon, since it won't boot and all I
> get is a ~ from the console :( But seriously, would it be worthwhile to save
> all the circut boards, monitors, etc. which I currently toss in the
> dumpster? I already have a bunch of automotive scrap that I know is
> worthwhile (i.e. engine blocks, transmissions, etc.) but is that computer
> junk worth it?
> Will J

It depends on whether or not you are willing to invest a little work
in them on the off chance someone might need them. For example, I
took two dead Apples IIs and swapped parts until I got a running one.
I never was able to revive the other, so I ended up in the trash
(Sorry, I was ~15 at the time)...

Most DEC boards use the same bus transceivers that aren't available
anymore. If you were willing to make a list of the components on the
board, you might find someone willing to spend $$ for a dead board.


PS This is not an attack on throwing stuff away. Only a suggestion
for everyone (myself included) to revisit that stack of "dead"
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