Intel i2920 IC was Re: Intel Intellec 8 computer?????

From: Arlen Michaels <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 10:44:14 1999

I also recently came across one of these Intel SDK-2920 single-boards, but
it's missing the 2920. If any 2920-equipped list member is interested in
giving this board a better home, maybe we can arrange a swap.

Arlen Michaels

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> On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Dwight Elvey wrote:
> > Hi Dave
> > If you are going for a complete Intel chip collection,
> > this is a rare bird indeed. This was an early attempt
> > by Intel to get into the telco market. It is a
> > DSP chip that had an EPROM inside. It was somewhat
> I got a strange board from a previous employer (who made teleconferencing
> equipment) labeled Intel SDK-2920. I fooled around with it a little bit,
> not really knowing what it was. It has an 8085 for the CPU on the
> "programmer" side, 1 kB of SRAM (2 2114's), a 24-character
> 14-segment-per-character LED display, and of course the EPROM programmer.
> On the "execute" side there are 4 analog signal channels, only one
> populated, (each containing 2 2912 IC's and some passives) and then one
> socket for the 2920 that runs the whole mess. And yes, I have a 2920 for
> it which I think is good, because it reports "EPROM BLANK" when I try to
> dump the program out of it. The die inside the 2920 is mounted cockeyed-
> and it's huge, some parts of it are outside the limits of the quartz
> window.
> Just letting you knwo that more of the weird stuff exists out there,
> Richard
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