Busting CRTs (was Re: Gold price was: Re: ebay feedback)

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Tue Dec 7 11:59:24 1999

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>--- John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca> wrote:
>> >I just did that accidentally to a Mac SE. :-( I was trying to remove a
>> >cable from the innards and my hand slipped and wacked the board on the
>> >back of the CRT and skewed it far enough to bust that little tit.
>> Do you know how many of those week lost at Queens Park?? One guy in my
>> department nailed CRTs 2 in one week... You never forget that "hissing"
>> sound that comes out of the unit... then the expression on the person
>> working on it.
>That was me. I heard this unmistakable noise and just sat there, a victim
>of my own carelessness.
>> The SEs also had those bad hard drives... the Principal
>> Secretary actually had a large screw driver next to his SE... Every time
>> drive wouldn't spin up he would beat the crap out of it. Apple came down
>> they agreed to replace all the flaky hard drives free immediately.
>I still have a Quantum PD1800S that has stiction. I paid $1100 for it new
>and they didn't consider it to be a warrantable problem. I'll never buy
>them again.

Hmmm... Not a warranty problem?? They certainly changed their minds when I
called them. It would not look good publicly for Quantum showing the Premier
of Ontario beating the hell out of one to start it up.

This brings back really funny memories. Every so often I'd get called out to
in the hallway (did not do tech support but people still asked for help)...
for help because someone had an unhappy SE. It would shock them to watch me
come up to their Mac and punch it really hard. [you *had* to see their
faces.]. Then. hear the drive spin up and walk away.

Those quantum drives were awful. As back up policies were rarely adhered to
it was my job to pull the drives apart and get the data out at any cost....

One day one the ministries lost some serious data to a dead quantum.. I took
a new one off the shelf and used some of its parts to make the old one work
(were talking replacing the motor). A rep and engineer from quantum came by
to see what I was doing.... They weren't going to replace the new drive that
I had cannibalized until they were told we had enough of their broken


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