CliniComp Computer and IP address

From: Phil Clayton / Computer Automation <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 14:37:21 1999

Today I aquired a very unusual computer called "CliniComp"
I am guessing it was used in a Hospital critical care unit.
It is a flat panel display with the whole computer (a 286) built
in its small case, I have never seen anything like it before.
Its memory (72pin) and I/O ports, Serial, Printer, Network Interface are
all built in, It does not have a hard drive or floppy drive built in.

By all I can tell its a workstation with a network boot rom that
allows it to look for a network server.

When I power it up it does a normal PC boot like memory
check, and CMOS check, then displays :
"Requesting an IP Address", it repeats this over several times
and then reboots to restart all over again.

Anyone have any suggestions how I can get around this, and if
there is no way to get around this, If I set up another computer
as a server would it find it and connect to it as a workstation ?

This thing is really neat, and I have a great use for it in my
home automation project, so I hope I can use it.
The display is large and very good quality for a flat panel.
Thanks in advance to anyone with some suggestions..

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