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From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Dec 7 17:04:34 1999

> >I am looking for the following items. (Get ready, this is going to be a
> >pretty varied list!)
> >
> >----Pictures of Computers----
> >Commodore Hyperion (looks like a Dynalogic Hyperion, & could be the same
> >thing?)
>Do you mean a ComTerm Hyperion? AFAIK, Comterm was the Canadian >company
>that manufactured the Hyperion for a while, not Commodore. >Commodore
>didn't get into the PC clone business until the PC-10 >(unless you
>count the A1000 Sidecar).

No, I don't mean the ComTerm Hyperion. When I said Commodore Hyperion, I'm
not bullsh!tting, I actually mean Commodore Hyperion. All I know is that it
looks like the Dynalogic Hyperion.

By the way, ComTerm didn't make the Hyperion, a company called Dynalogic
did. It sold relatively well (well, considering the state of the IBM clone
market in early 1983). Not too long after they released the Hyperion, they
were bought out by a company called Bytec, & they sold the Hyperion under
the Bytec name. Later still, Compaq released the famous Compaq Portable, &
we all know what happened from there (wither Bytec/Dynalogic).

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