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From: Mark Gregory <gregorym_at_cadvision.com>
Date: Tue Dec 7 20:45:45 1999


I have tangible proof that at least part of your history is wrong. I have a Comterm Hyperion, model number 3032, serial number 3008, date code Aug. 83, sitting in front of me right now. It is _the same machine_ as the Dynalogic Hyperion. Looks just like this, except different drive doors: http://www.ncsc.dni.us/fun/user/tcc/cmuseum/HYPN.HTM
Proof? The name "Comterm" on my serial number plate is actually a metallic sticker; underneath it says "Dynalogic Info-Tech Corporation, Ottawa, Canada". So the timeline must go:

Bytec (?? never heard of them ??)

I have _never_ heard of Commodore producing this machine - Cameron Kaiser's extensive "Secret Weapon's of Commodore" site - http://calvin.ptloma.edu/~spectre/ckb/secret/ - doesn't mention it either. I think your source got Comterm and Commodore mixed up.


Mark Gregory

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>> >I am looking for the following items. (Get ready, this is going to be a
>> >pretty varied list!)
>> >
>> >----Pictures of Computers----
>> >Commodore Hyperion (looks like a Dynalogic Hyperion, & could be the
>> >thing?)
>>Do you mean a ComTerm Hyperion? AFAIK, Comterm was the Canadian company
>>that manufactured the Hyperion for a while, not Commodore. Commodore
>>didn't get into the PC clone business until the PC-10 (unless you
>>count the A1000 Sidecar).
>No, I don't mean the ComTerm Hyperion. When I said Commodore Hyperion, I'm
>not bullsh!tting, I actually mean Commodore Hyperion. All I know is that
>looks like the Dynalogic Hyperion.
>By the way, ComTerm didn't make the Hyperion, a company called Dynalogic
>did. It sold relatively well (well, considering the state of the IBM clone
>market in early 1983). Not too long after they released the Hyperion, they
>were bought out by a company called Bytec, & they sold the Hyperion under
>the Bytec name. Later still, Compaq released the famous Compaq Portable, &
>we all know what happened from there (wither Bytec/Dynalogic).
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