Stiction (was Re: Busting CRTs)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 22:43:07 1999

--- John B <> wrote:
I wrote:
> > I still have a Quantum PD1800S that has stiction.

> Ethan, my curious: that HD, did it run hot or bit too much warm?
> That is the primary problem. PD1800S is old design and runs hot.
> Did that HD sit all cooped up behind bezel or internally?

It was the only drive in a SPARC 1 (then moved to a SPARC 2, now it's on top
of a Sparc LX in its own case) It works fine, it just glues the heads down
to the platters on power-down. I don't power it off on purpose, but we lost
power for six hours last month, and *grab*.



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