Priceless historic CP/M documents now available

From: Bob Stek <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 06:20:56 1999

It was probably put under the rear edge of the Lobo to make the typing angle
more comfortable (this is what became known as "user-friendly

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I would be very interested in hearing any hypothesis of how CP/M-68K could
be used with a Lobo!

Grumpy Ol' Fred
On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Bob Stek wrote:
> I recently picked up a Lobo Max-80 system.  Accompanying the system were 2
> manuals, apparently xeroxed and in pressboard covers,  which I thought
> be of interest to someone here.  Because they appear xeroxed
> 8.5 x 11), I doubt that they are originals, but given the methods of
> documentation production way back then, I really don't know.  Both may be
> more interest for the nostalgic collector rather than of any great
> interest, (or for someone who doesn't have copies of the "final"
> documentation).  But given that disclaimer, this is what I have:
> CP/M 3 Operating System: User's Guide, Programmer's Guide, and
> Utility Guide.  Labeled "Preliminary: November 1982  Final Technical
> Complete     In Production for Final Edit and Graphics"
> CP/M-68K Operating System  Beta Documentation    rubber-stamped
> "PRELIMINARY" and "STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL" on several pages.  Labeled
> Edition: October 1982"
> If anyone is interested in either or both of these, email me an offer I
> can't refuse (i.e., an unbuilt Altair or IMSAI kit, a non-functional Apple
> I, or possibly a few bucks for packaging and postage).  Most interesting
> by December 15th accepted, void where prohibited by law, licensed drivers
> only, batteries not included.  Decision of the judges can be swayed with
> appropriate bribe. (Obviously if I were going for the BIG BUCKS, this
> be professionally hyped on eBay.  So it's just going to comp.os.cpm and to
> the classiccmp list members.)
> Bob Stek
> Saver of Lost SOLs
> (In case my tongue-in-cheek humor is somewhat muted by the medium, I am
> willing to pay postage to get rid of these.  But I will accept anything
> and above that amount!)
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