Free NCR tower in Miami FL.

From: Jeffrey l Kaneko <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 11:39:13 1999

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 16:35:04 -0000 Julian Richardson
<> writes:
> Unisys also made the same machines at one point but with different
> badges on the front apparently, plus NCR had 'internal' model
> numbers (I guess that's what 1632 is!).

Okay, so now I have to go into the basement, and re-read the serial
plate. NCR's numbering scheme is *not* intuitive.

> I've hooked one of these things up to a 10Mbps LAN before along with
> a Linux box and run remote X programs and stuff, so they do talk
> TCP/IP quite happily.

I think that mostly applies to the '020 machines and higher. When I
first got my machine, I was told that it didn't really support

>Not sure about the MMU - I think by the time things had
> progressed to the 68030 the MMU was built in?? (I easily could be
> wrong there; aside from the Amiga 500 I haven't had much dealing with
> 68xxx chips).

I'm pretty sure that's the case. The 68010 was kinda like the
80286-- some memory management was there, but it was considered
kinda brain-dead. The 68020 was the real breakthrough. Operating
systems for the 680x0 really took off after that.

> The system boards on these things are huge though - something like
> 1x4 feet if I remember correctly.

That's about right. I have a complete set of spares in my closet.
The system board is *huge*.

> My system had sat idle for a while and
> didn't boot the last time I tried it about a year ago; I'm hoping
> that's something simple rather than a crack in one of the boards
> somewhere.

Now you've got me worried. I really ought to take time to fire
up the thing.

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