Hyperion [WAS: Re: Looking for ]

From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Dec 8 17:22:24 1999

>I have tangible proof that at least part of your history is wrong. I >have
>a Comterm Hyperion, model number 3032, serial number 3008, date >code Aug.
>83, sitting in front of me right now. It is _the same >machine_ as the
>Dynalogic Hyperion. Looks just like this, except >different drive doors:
> >http://www.ncsc.dni.us/fun/user/tcc/cmuseum/HYPN.HTM
>Proof? The name "Comterm" on my serial number plate is actually a >metallic
>sticker; underneath it says "Dynalogic Info-Tech >Corporation, Ottawa,
>Canada". So the timeline must go:
>Bytec (?? never heard of them ??)
>I have _never_ heard of Commodore producing this machine - Cameron
> >Kaiser's extensive "Secret Weapon's of Commodore" site -
> >http://calvin.ptloma.edu/~spectre/ckb/secret/ - doesn't mention it
> >either. I think your source got Comterm and Commodore mixed up.
>Mark Gregory

Well of course you wouldn't see the Commodore Hyperion listed in the SWoC!
the SWoC page deals only with 8-bits (the C= 900 being the only exeption) &
intentionally excludes any C= PC clones (Which the C= Hyperion *might* be).
Anyway, I saw that computer listed the Canonical List of Commodore Products,
so it must exist. Besides, all I know is that it *looks* like the Dynalogic
Hyperion, I was only theorizing that it *could be* the same thing. As soon
as I find a site/picture of it, then I can figure out if it truly is a
Dynalogic Hyperion with a Commodore nameplate on it.

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