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From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 21:33:04 1999

> --- Bill Pechter <> wrote:
> > ...I'd love to have one in my 11/70.

Wish I had an 11/70 or the room to keep it.

> > Unfortunately, there's no way to run both the blinkin' lights
> > with the remote panel.
> Yes, well... I'd be happy with one each.
> > Love to see a browser interfaced java 11/70 emulator running to a remote
> > location with full software emulated graphics front panel.
> Is there enough information out there to make a virtual console for an 11/70
> via the remote panel? I have no idea what the protocol (or serial line speed
> would be). Does the remote panel have an ODT-like mode?
> -ethan

I think DEC never made the remote protocol available or public.
Probably it could be done with someone with an 11/70, an RDC and a
line analyzer to trap the connections. I think there were some bits
flipped in the ascii which was used to start the session and some
kind of kermit/xmodem like protocol...

The remote panel has a really slick ODT mode. If I can find my 11/70
pocket RDC guide I'll photocopy it.

U= or U/ (if I remember) showed Unibus line status.


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