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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 21:52:14 1999

<Based on the info I found there about three months ago it looks as if the
<UMDA/66's are about the same as a U2W drive. To get the real advantage yo
<have to go with RAID and disk stripping. Also, unless I'm misreading thing
<UDMA/66 puts about the same load on the processor as SCSI. Yes, SCSI is
<still superior, BUT the difference is so slight that you have to ask if th
<added cost is worth it.

Yes this is all bogus. As a single drive UDMA faster but two scsi drives
are still faster as with UDMA (Still IDE) you can only talk to one spindle
at a time. SCSI you can have seven on like and with some of the fancier
stuff you have the ability to talk to all of them! This makes a real
difference if you have system on one, Swap on another and Data on a third.
When you interleave like that with queued IO then the difference is
substantial. Also RAID with IDE is really flakey!

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