DEC Front Panel

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 23:08:43 1999

--- Bill Pechter <> wrote:
> I think DEC never made the remote protocol available or public.

Not surprising.

> Probably it could be done with someone with an 11/70, an RDC and a
> line analyzer to trap the connections.

Only if you could wedge the line analyzer in between the 11/70 and
the remote support device on the other end (i.e., a live session). I
do happen to have a couple of HP line analyzers - the ones that use TU58-
sized tapes, not the floppy version. I can follow the traffic and, indeed,
even synthesize some. We had some home-grown software that would simulate
bisync traffic and even an SNA logon sequence. Most sophisticated.

> The remote panel has a really slick ODT mode. If I can find my 11/70
> pocket RDC guide I'll photocopy it.

That'd be great. No hurry.


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