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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Thu Dec 9 17:20:32 1999

Rumor has it that CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com may have mentioned these words:

>Those 8" drive prices are for new-in-the-box never used drives,
>incidentally. If I'm charging a customer $100 an hour to go on site
>and service their machine, I'm not doing them a favor by installing
>a heavily-used drive to save a few bucks.

I won't dispute that for a second...

>And if you want to compare prices, maybe you want to look in the back
>of a late-70's BYTE, see that a Shugart 801 sold for $350+ back then
>to hobbyists, adjust for inflation since then, and arrive at an adjusted
>price today of over $1000 for a new Shugart 801. California Digital's
>prices are a bargain by this method. I certainly can't justify keeping
>parts in my inventory for over twenty years!

and I agree with you here, as well... but:

$69USD for a 2x Acer CD-ROM??? We sell Creative 48X's for $65 and make a
decent profit at that...
$9.59USD for 1 CD-R Media??? We sell 'em $15 for a box of 10...
$259USD for an Intel 9600 bps PCMCIA modem???

Surely, they must realize that no-one in their right minds are going to pay
those prices...

Just FYI... a few more redeemers:

Click on the "computers" link (where I was expecting to see IBM/AT's for
$4000 each... ;-) and you'll see:

$ 35 Tano Dragon Process Control Computer Kit

Actually, a copy of the Radio Shack Color
Computer, completely packaged in a
consumer case. Computer includes:
motherboard, keyboard, memory, power
supply and case. This 6809 based computer
is called the Tano Dragon.


Click on the "software" link and you'll see:

$ 9 Digital Research CP/M
Long before Bill Gates, Long before Microsoft--there was Digital Research.
Gary Kildall authored CP/M, the
operating system that launched the micro computer. Several years ago, Gary
died mysteriously at a young age. The remnants of Gary's company, Digital
Research, were acquired by Novell. Digital Research is now only a memory to
those who were into computers before the Microsoft monopoly. Regardless,
California Digital has 2000 licensed copies of CP/M with complete
documentation. CP/M was the most recognized microcomputer disk operating
system in
the world. In fact Digital Research controlled over 70% of the
microcomputer market. There are still thousands of systems operating under
CP/M. Original
Digital Research price was $259. Make offer on quantities of 100 plus.


And yes... $2000 for an electrostatic plotter really isn't a bad deal, if
you actually need one of these monsters. Oh, some of their X-10 stuff looks
like it might be cheaper than RS, too... tho that ain't saying much.

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